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06/11/2009 07:39
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Case law Re Removal from jurisdiction

01/02/2009 14:03
  CHILDREN — Removal from jurisdiction — Permanent removal — Mother with residence order applying remove child permanently from jurisdiction — Principles applicable — Whether child's rights first and paramount consideration — Whether presumption in favour of applicant — Whether proposed...

Family law is based on bias and prejudice

10/10/2008 10:49
  Bob Geldof: Family law is based on bias and prejudice   The law as it stands promotes pain, hurt and broken families, in direct contradiction to its purpose Thursday, 11 September 2003 Family law doesn't work. It is absurd, blunt and outdated. It is time that it was scrapped and...

Mc kenzie friend in family proceedings

09/10/2008 19:51
  N (A Child) [2008] EWHC 2042 (Fam) Judgment concerning rights of audience for McKenzie Friends in private children law proceedings. In the course of contact proceedings both the father and the mother had been assisted by McKenzie Friends for part of the proceedings. It was common ground...

Children and adoption act 2006

09/10/2008 19:42
  Children and Adoption Act 2006 - Court Rules Open date: 07 May 2008 Close date: 20 June 2008 Amendments to the Family Proceedings Rules 1991 This consultation seeks views on draft court rules and forms to support the implementation of the remaining provisions of the Children and...

In case gc v ld 2009

09/10/2008 18:53
  CARE/LOCAL AUTHORITY:     GC v LD [2009] EWHC 1942 (Fam) (Family Division; Black J; 24 July 2009) The child had come into the care of the first local authority when the mother was incapacitated by mental illness. Although the child was at first placed with a local...

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09/10/2008 18:52
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