Family Court Application Forms

Applying for a fee remission for applications to court is form Ex 160 Click on the link below, or cut and paste.
Undertaking to Apply for Remission of a Court Fee or Tribunal Fee, or to Pay a Court Fee or 
Tribunal Fee for Emergency Applications Only. copy and paste in your browser bar the below link




Main forms to consider


Child arrangements order C100 FORM

Allegations of harm and Domestic violence  C1A

c2 when in proceedings and you need to make another application

Witness statement template Child arrangements - Parental dispute                                                                             

   Form C7 acknowledgement of service reply to C1A


Application for: a Non-molestation Order / an Occupation Order F401



Application to Appeal  notes to consider
















Application for a seek and find order

 for a c4 form


 C1 Form

Parental responsibility/sgo application

was a legal concept first defined in the Children Act 1989 (s3) 

as, “all the rights, duties, powers,responsibilities and authority 

which by law a parent of a child has in relation to the child and his property.



Special guardianship application supplement form







For declaration of parentage under section 55A of the Family Law Act 19




Emergency protection order  under section 44 of the childrens act

An  (EPO) is an order issued with the aim of protecting a child from ongoing or imminent risk of physical, mental or emotional harm where acttion is needed. ... 

Anyone can apply to the court for an epo if they fear that a child is in danger


Note with c1 this must be looked into fm1      FM1

If you are applying for one of the following private law Children Act 1989 orders you must file a separate completed FM1 form with this application: • A parental responsibility order (sections 4(1)(c) 4ZA(1)(c) or 4A(1)(b) of the Children Act 1989) or an order terminating parental responsibility (sections 4(2A), 4ZA(5) or 4A(3) of that Act). An order appointing a child’s guardian (section 5(1) of the Children Act 1989) or an order terminating the appointment (section 6(7) of that Act). • An order giving permission to change a child’s surname or remove a child from the United Kingdom (sections 13(1) or 14C of the Children Act 1989). • A special guardianship order or an order varying or discharging such an order (section 14D of the Children Act 1989)




For permission to start proceedings including Grandparents                                                      




to be joined as, or cease to be, a party in existing 

family proceedings under the Children Act 1989




























 C79 enforcement  application                                                                                                                             





Application to Appeal Appellant’s notice  [All appeals except small claims]







                         Finanicial matter

Form A

Notice of [intention to proceed with] an application for a financial order

Form D11 

This form is to be used if your husband or wife has started divorce proceedings and a decree nisi has been granted, but they have not applied for a decree absolute.

If you wait another 3 months on top of the standard 6 week period after the decree nisi was pronounced, you can apply for the decree absolute instead, which will officially terminate your marriage.

Form E Notes


Form E

Financial Statement: For a Financial Order Matrimonial Causes Act 1973/Civil Partnership Act 2004 for Financial Relief After an Overseas Divorce Etc Part 3 of the Matrimonial and Family Proceedings Act 1984/Schedule 7 to the Civil Partnership Act 2004


Form E1


Form E2


G Form

 by an application (by either of them) to court, asking the court to decide how the assets of the marriage should be divided between them. ... The 1st hearing is set abut 3 months from the date the court receives the application.

The Form G is for the first hearing. If both parties are happy with disclosure they can indicate to the court that they would like to use the first hearing as an FDR.
Form TR1 to transfer a property




None molestation and occupation order


Child adoption

You need to give the local authority 3 months notice 

This is the form you need  to make the application to court
This is used later in the process in some cases







































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