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With remarkable achievements including a well-established case in the Supreme Court London in 2012 known as the voice of a child and referred to by professionals and Judges as case law [as seen in the link below] this case highlights the issues to strengthen children's rights in family cases, and this gives an understanding to the importance of choosing the right kind of help that's going to make a difference, One key aspect I have considered over the years is it necessary to have someone at court with you, and can it be managed other ways, thus keeping your funds saved for more significant hearings 
My role is to assist parents who need support with the more complex and highly sensitive children cases in private law proceedings, I can assist you with for example allegations of parental alienation, and leave to remove a child from jurisdiction, and the importance of understanding the complex legal avenues relating to international recognition.
I have 27 years plus experience and successfully completed over 5000 cases with remarkable outcomes in helping parents, I have worked alongside families fathers and both parents matter and come recommended from child services departments, my service will save you time and endless costs, to then re-establish child contact in a safe environment, and I welcome both parents and grandparents applications.
Unlike some services motivated by fees, im not a buisness and focus on your needs I do not charge for advice relating to a child at risk of significant harm, and if your case also needs an urgent domestic violence application, I will provide complete free guidance.

I also believe that I can help you complete your cases at half the costs of any competing services  without compromise  




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Nov 2020

I am so glad I was able to find Chris, his knowledge and skills far exceeded my experience with well know solicitors. I built such a positive relationship with Chris and a major plus he not only educated me, he was able to accurately predict issues and bumps in the journey I will face in my year long case to a T. The time, care, honesty and still manages to be available every step of the way is unmatched. I highly recommend Chris, I was an alienated father, with Chris not only I got the outcome I wanted, I didn’t have to burn a whole in my pocket. I can humbly say if your are going through court and you want a honest, diligent, cost effective and an all round great person? Give Chris a call now it doesn’t matter what stage you are at just call. 



27 April 2020

J Fredricks 

Chris Coutanche is a beacon of hope to my family. Before finding Chris my options appeared limited especially when costs are at the forefront and the likelihood of a resolution seemed impossible. Chris’s experience shone through within minutes of talking, his calm, empathetic demeanor offered emotional support but with his persistence, in making sure he is available for you with his busy schedule is second to none. I can honestly say I am in great hands with Chris and bonus he speaks to you as a human, not as a case number. I am eternally grateful for his service



June 2019

I contacted Chris after my abusive ex husband decided to take our 14yr old son and refused to bring him home. 

I was devasted as my son had always lived with me and had limited contact with his father over the years due to his drinking.
Chris's knowledge and expertise on family law was second to none. For an initial fee Chris helped me fill in the relevant forms that needed to be submitted to court without the help of a solicitor or an appointment. I had no idea I could just turn up at court and ask to see a judge. 
Chris gave me the confidence to go to court and finally stand up to my ex, focusing on all the important facts my ex didn't stand a chance. 
Forms were handed to the court on the Friday when I saw the judge the case was adjourned until the Monday whilst papers were served to my ex to give him chance to appeal. On receiving his papers my ex again got aggressive and myself and partner managed to get my son back. My ex never turned up to the hearing today and in his absence the court has issued a prohibited steps order. Preventing my ex from taking my son again. 
I really can't thank Chris enough for all his help and advice in getting my son back home to me. 
Mrs C Knight




Peter Doney June 2018/ case May 2018

I contacted Christopher to help me through a child access court case. I had already spent close to £2000 on solicitor fees and had still not made any progress.

Christopher was very direct and up front about keeping my costs down and was able to pin point the necessary action in a very short time... I admire his ability to absorb and assimilate information. 
 In court he was supremely composed, level and direct... And  was able to brush aside any unimportant points and focus in on the best outcome using an astonishing knowledge of the law and the eventual ruling was everything I could have hoped for... I would have been very lost without him there and for a fraction of the cost of a solicitor. 
I was also very touched that he had the warewithall to contact me a few weeks after the ruling to see how things were going with me and my children. 
I wouldn't hesitate to recommended him 




Chris at Mckenzie Friend, was exceptionally helpful in my case. I am a 47 year old company director and my ex-partner was attempting to reduce access to my four year old daughter from 15 days a month to a mere six- on the basis that my daughter became tired when she stayed with me. This was completely untrue and it was confirmed by my daughter’s school. However, proving that this was the case was tricky and having experienced a strong degree of bias/ prejudice in favour of her mother in the public arena, I turned to Mackenzie Friend for assistance. Chris was exceptionally knowledgeable about the law surrounding my case and gave me some excellent advice ranging from “what if” scenarios to what to wear in court. Most importantly, Chris was a superb listener- which allowed him to become very knowledgeable about my case, and from my own perspective it was very therapeutic to have someone who was willing to listen to my problem and suggest solutions. He also made himself available at all times (despite obviously having a heavy workload) and responded quickly to my questions. Chris has a wealth of experience having attended court on a regular basis and an exceptionally sound knowledge of the law. I can happily say that I won my case with Chris’s help for a fraction of the  costs of using a lawyer. I thoroughly recommend Chris and will use him again in future should the need arise.

Thanks again for your valuable help.



Paul in Plymouth 



I have known Chris Coutanche for around three years, during which time he has been a McKenzie Friend in a large number of Family Court Cases. I have always found him to take a very child focused and common sense viewpoint and to give very valuable legal advice. He is well known within the legal community, and is frequently granted rights of audience in complex cases. Family Court outcomes should not be judged in terms of ‘winning’ or ‘losing’, but he has helped achieve very workable and sensible results for his clients in terms of contact orders, leave to remove cases and even in cases of parental alienation. I have frequently referred legal enquiries to him, and have no hesitation in continuing to do so.
Julian Cooper.

 Familys need fathers wrexham 


 I have used Chris recently on my own case recently. I would suggest him to anyone stuck in the minefield that is the uk family court system. Chris managed to turn my case round in the right direction in a matter of a few months after three years. Chris is child focused, and his knowledge of the court system is is beyond that of some of the so called solicitors that I have used in the past.

mark barry in Kent


I approached Chris in summer 2012 when I was going through a very tough divorce and the solicitors were eating up all my savings. The legal bills were atrocious as my ex was very unreasonable and deliberately increasing my legals costs to give me a hard time without having the best interests of our daughter at his heart. Chris gave me lots of moral support and confidence when I was at my lowest in terms trying to resolve Child contact issues. During the daunting court visits, I couldn't have done it without Chris's presence, particular in September last year, when the legal advisor questioned Chris's experience at the Priorty Courts, Birmingham and wasn't too keen on the idea of me having a McKenzie friend assisting me. I prepared the paperwork for the final hearing held on 8th January 13 and Chris reviewed my statement just to ensure that there was nothing controversial that would get me on the wrong side of the judge. The judge was very supportive of my statement and with Chris's assistance, I was able to confidently present my case without having to incur yet another ridiculous legal bill.


H Mawaha

Thank you Chris.


Dear Chris,
I would like to thank you for all your help. Thanks to your professionalism and expertise, I have been able to ensure safety and stability in my children's future.
After living for years with domestic abuse, I didn't even have the confidence to go to court after my husband had threatened to take the children away, to live abroad.
With your help and advice I have been able to make sure that the children will stay with me.
I was very lucky to find you, and I wish you all the best.
Thank you very much.

Tatinna in London 



Mr Chris Coutanche assisted and advised me through extremely difficult, painful and protracted family court proceedings. His knowledge and expertise of family law and the legal system surpasses that of any barrister or solicitor I have ever been represented by previously.
Most importantly, Mr Coutanche always focuses on the true and best interests of the child/children first and foremost and his advice to me throughout the case was invaluable.
I would not hesitate to recommend his services as a Mckenzie Friend and his professionalism throughout.      
Lucy Davies [ALIAS NAME]