How i can help you with your case, as your McKenzie Friend in family court matters

Here is the link to the Court practice direction on Mckenzie friends


As a very experienced McKenzie Friend, I am able to offer support rather than a service to help you with preparation of your case, giving support and advice, through to assistance in court on the conduct of the case, but not Legal advice. Please read the link above for more details on the rules relating to  Mckenzie friend.

There is a widely recognised presumption that a litigant in person (self-representing litigant) is entitled to have the assistance of a McKenzie friend whilst they are at court.  If a party wishes to rely on a McKenzie Friend they should notify the judge from the outset of the hearing. 

 A judge will not usually refuse permission unless he believes that allowing the McKenzie Friend would interfere with the administration of justice.  I have never had any resistance from any judge to support a case.

Most cases can be resolved without the need for a contested hearing, but without assistance and experience, family law cases can become protracted.  I can make a difference during the early stages, even before any hearing takes place, to minimise conflict and the time taken to reach a conclusion.

The role of the McKenzie Friend is to assist the party rather than to represent them.  The general rule is that a McKenzie Friend can support the party in conducting their case, but cannot conduct it for them.   However, experienced McKenzie Friends can be given rights of audience by the Judge and can take a more active role in the court hearing.  This is particularly important when a cross-examination is required, or where more sensitive and serious issues such as domestic violence are present.

When choosing a McKenzie friend, you must consider references and credentials in advance of any hearing to be certain that the McKenzie is experienced and knowledgeable enough to support you.   Over many years I have developed strategies which have been proven to be successful in bringing cases to a swift conclusion, always taking a child centred approach.

The Judge will ask to see the CV of your McKenzie friend before the court hearing.  My credentials have been considered in many cases, and the court has decided to grant rights of audience in exceptional cases. 

Since 2004 I have resolved more than 2900 cases, I have also assisted in several high-profile cases in the Supreme Court in London.  I have achieved recognition for my work, and references in appendix notes from judges for my conduct.  Please contact me to discuss how I can assist you further.

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